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The only search firm focused exclusively on the churches of Christ!

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Equip Your Search Committee

Arm your committee with the Minister Hiring Process™, the Search Committee Handbook, Training, Workshops, Consulting...
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The forms and letters that bring the Search Committee Handbook and the Minister Hiring Process™ to life and reduce your workload...


Don Viar, MBA, CPA (inactive)
Founder & CEO

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Minister Career Coaching

We understand that being a minister can sometimes be a lonely road to travel. Everyone turns to you for advice and direction, but who do you turn to when you need help with your career? It can be awkward to discuss career issues with your current elders, members or ministry peers. For that reason, we offer free consultation, counseling, and career coaching services for ministers within the Churches of Christ fellowship. If you are:

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  • Thinking about a career change,
  • Want an objective review of your application, or
  • In need of help putting together a plan to search for a new job

a career coach can help. We have been where you are and would be happy to help you work through your current questions.

Feel free to call us at any time at (931) 881-3930 or use the Contact Us form to request a Free Consultation.

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Resume Writing

A strong resume opens doors and gives you a seat in the interview process. Your resume needs to detail your experience, highlight your accomplishments, talk about your abilities, and summarize your education. It should clearly convey your unique gifts and what sets you apart from the rest of the candidates applying for a position. As part of your first impression on a search committee, your resume also needs to be professional, easy to read, and most importantly free of errors and misspellings. 

Does your resume do all of that?  If not, we offer two levels of service to help you get your resume in shape.  If you have an existing resume that just needs to be updated or tweaked, select our Resume Modification service.  If you need help creating a resume from scratch, select our Resume Creation service.


Service Level Price
Resume Modification

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Our Resume Modification service will help you tweak and improve an existing resume to make sure that you are putting your best foot forward.

Resume Creation

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Need to create a resume that will help you stand out in a crowded field of applicants but don't know where to start? Our resume writing service will help you create a professional resume, written by an accomplished resume writer at a great price.

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Minister Services

If you are you looking for a work where you can really connect with the congregation, impact the local community, and make a difference for the kingdom of God, then we would like to help! Check out our list of active job searches using the Minister Hiring Process™. If you need help putting together a resume or would like to work with a career coach to critique your application or plan your job search, we are here for you.


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Minister Registration

Want to confidentially explore your options for new opportunity? Use this form to submit your name and resume for review by our team.
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Featured Positions

Looking for a great work? Review the list of active searches using our Minister Hiring Process and/or our Guided Search services. 
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Resume Writing

Does your resume communicate your strengths? Most importantly, does it lead to interviews? We create resumes that get you noticed!
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Career Coaching

Need help planning your job search, crafting your online presence, or just making sure you stand out from the crowd? A career coach can help.
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Ministers Home Page


Please check back here often as we create additional content specific to ministers within the Churches of Christ.

Minister Search Services

Whether you use our Guided Search or our Congregation self-service resouces, we want to help you find the right minister.

Church of Christ Focused

Owned and operated by members of the Churches of Christ exclusively focsed on the staffing needs of the Lord's Church.

Confidence You Can Trust

Confidentiality for the candidate and the congregation is at the core of our process.

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Minister Match
410 South Lowe Avenue
Cookeville, TN 38501

ABC Blocks

Your congregation has just hired a minister, and it seems like they are the perfect fit. Congratulations! There is one more step to the process, though, and it is just as important as the process of finding the right minister. You might have heard people refer to how the “first hundred days” of someone’s job usually sets the tone for their entire career with that organization. The same is true with ministers. Just as your congregation is going through a major transition, so is your new minister. The first few months of a job are a stressful time, and it is the job of the elders and search committee to help your new minister through their transition.

We refer to this as the “On-Boarding Stage.” Since the “first hundred days” is so important to the rest of a minister’s career with your congregation, we believe this stage is one of the keys to reducing minister turnover in the church. In this post, we want to talk about a few of the things that a new minister needs from their congregation during this transition period. We will refer to them as the ABC’s of the On-Boarding Phase.